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I remember a saying, “every revolutionary remains a rebel untill he wins his cause”. Probably that is taken too serious these days and we see a lot of people transforming into a rebel in the desire becoming a revolutionary.For afterall, they both differ only by a hair line.Rebels are known for what they are “against”, while revolutionaries are known for what they are “for”. All these self-proclaimed revolutionaries have to lot of protest against. But what do they really stand for? Suddenly, the air becomes abstract and motherhood statements abound.
A rebel is one who wants to overthrow authority because of his resentment and, as a result, to make himself the authority in place of the one he has overthrown. It has always been so easy to become a rebel. What you will need is a good tone of speech, powerful words, Che Guvera posters and now a days a webiste and support from social medias. And you bet, there will be your own crowd for whatever you standfor. Might it be Prabakaran or Arvind Kejriwal or the recent Udayakumar.

The history has seen a lot of leaders having taken a detour from the path of a rebel to a revolutionary. Now this has led to the trend of first disguising as a rebel to rise up as a leader. Every time we pick the wrong leader, just because he rebelled against something that we dint like, we find ourselves in a deep trouble making us realize the previous situation was better.