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I wanted to write this after seeing the movie ‘Neethane En Pon Vasantham’ directed by the love Guru of Kollywood Gautham Vasudev Menon. I even wanted to name it 5 key takeaways from NEP. Before starting, if this article pisses you off,then I warn you. You are in the verge of a breakup. This is from what i have seen, heard and a little of own experience too.


1. Economical Status. You might fight and argue with me that love never sees money, status, xyz. But believe me, it does. But a silver lining is, as said, the best way to become rich is to marry a rich man’s daughter. So if you could balance well, a good future is ahead.

2. Open up.
Your unspoken words works only in movies and romance stories. In real its either not understood or misunderstood. Both the cases being so dangerous you better talk your issues out.

3. Friends and Love. Well relationships are screwed because of friendship. Either you spend too much time with friends or you listen to your dumb friends who advises you as if they are a pro relationship counsellors. You need to balance between your friends and love. Girls, you need to understand that you ditched your friend and so your bf should do the same. Boys friendship works in a different way you’ll never understand.

4. Be a guardian not a chauvinist. There is just a small line between the both and you need to be extra careful not to cross the line. A father allows his kid to walk and he follows from behind. Just when she is about to falls, he runs to her and saves her. Be a second father to your girl. Give her the space she needs. And girls, believe in your guys. We have an extra sensory power of sensing the moods of other guys when they talks with you.

5. Small fights are good. But not too much of it. When I say fights are good, people in relationships will understand that. The convincing and cuddling up portions after fights are the best parts in a relationship. But don’t make your fights too frequent, because, regular break ups prepare you to live without him/her which spoils the whole concept of love.