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Being a great fan of both Kamal and Amma, people have been asking me to make it clear on which side I take. But the truth is, both are the the same side, and I am along. 774400_486792408024684_612492196_o1. On the first place, the film has not been banned but just halted/ rescheduled for 15 days. People safety cannot be compromised at the cost of a movie. even if its a ulaga nayagan film.
2. With republic day and EId around the corner, the govt. cannot afford the risk of releasing the film after the threats from Pak Ultras. (IB Report) (source TOI)
3. If something goes wrong and protests break out, it might not be just communal protests, but a ripe opportunity for anti-social events to strike.
4. And if some people resort to violence as threatened, police should swing into action and you know what happens after that. There will be some cheap medias and politicos who will politicize this issue.
5. After seeing the protests held out of US embassy a few months before, it is actually good step by the govt to have taken this decision.
6. The govt needs time to plan, nab the culprits who are trying to misuse this opportunity and make sure that there are no protests held anywhere. Atleast, that is how I see this 15 days time.
7. Inspite of being her neighbor, knowing well what will happen if the film is stayed, with all speculations she might favor Kamal for some reason its really a great and a bold decision by her to reschedule the release date. Period.


But as the saying “Sweets are the uses of Adversity” goes, this issue has given Kamal and the movie enough publicity which even would not have been possible if he spent millions. I hope and wish the movie comes clean of all speculations and becomes a superhit.