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Before starting, I must admit – LinkedIn is indeed a great tool for professional networking and business development. I’m just sharing an interesting observation and my intention is not to demean LinkedIn.

Sheryl Sandberg

I was shocked to see the LinkedIn profile of Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, empty and inactive. That increased my enthusiasm of checking out the profiles of other top celebrities and finding their activity in LinkedIn.

sheryl sandberg

Marissa Mayer

An ex-googler and the present CEO of Yahoo! She is believed to be one of the most influential women in the business majorly dominated by men. Know for her bold decisions and good leadership (not to forget her interest in shopping – tumblr, Rondee ), Marissa has just 138 connections. Atleast, she has a customized URL and a profile picture unlike Sheryl.

marissa mayer

Mark Zuckerberg

His headline says, CEO at Facebook. But I’m not so sure if this is his original profile even. Seriously? Zero connections? Probably he is too busy and has left the job of keeping his profile active to some Palestinian hacker 😉

mark zuckerbergElon Musk

Some call him as real life Tony Stark. Some say, he is even better than Tony because atleast he exists. Elon is the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla Motors and Paypal. He was recently in the news when he announced his idea – Hyperloop. Elon who is pretty active in Twitter, doesn’t seem to bother about LinkedIn, I have to say.

Elon MuskLarry Page

Co-founder & President at Google, Larry Page has just 4 connections. BTW, I’m really curious to know if Marissa is one of them 😛 (For those who doesn’t know, yea, they both dated once)

Larry Page

This is not the end of story as there are many other such profiles too. These name just names from the top of my head.

BTW, Jeff Weiner, if you ever come across this post and get pissed off, this is for you!