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Before staring I’d like to make a disclaimer about myself which will make organisations to not fight against me.

I do not belong to any political outfits.

I neither endorse nor encourage any terrorists organization or religious fanatics.

I only express my views and concern when I see some absurdities or atrocities in any form.” 

One of the biggest problems in our society is, we relate and drag-in politics inside  almost every issue that when time passes, we quite forget the issue and fight over politics.We have seen many such incidents like the 1984 riots, Bofors, thelkha, CWG, 2G scams, lokpal, etc. Blame it on the media or the mindset of people, what we remember when we hear these names are the political figures related to it and barely anyone remembers about the issue.  The same has happened in the release of the controversial film, Vishwaroopam.

In this blog I have just gathered all the speculations, events and the real problem as it happened. Those who knows about the how the drama unfolded, and wants to know the real version of the story, can just skip to the last 4 points, “Why I ridicule the Jaya TV Conspiracy theory”.

The problem started when the theatrical trailer was released and some Islamic organisations found it hurting. To peace them, they were called for a special screening by Kamal and that’s were the Vishwaroopam issue took Vishwaroopam(grew bigger). After which 24 Islamic organisations met the State Chief Secretary of Tamilnadu and gave him a petition to Ban the movie. News spread like fire which received both support as well as strong opposition and in no-time, it was not just a small issue about a film but became a potential threat to the communal harmony. Protests were held throughout the state. There were organisations protesting and threatening to cause damage to theaters screening the movie. With no options left, the state govt had to step in to calm the issue.


I still wonder, how did a great intellectual like Kamal planned to release the film on Jan 25th (Milad E Nabi day) without anticipating all this. The heat was rising among the protesting Muslim organisations both offline as well as online through social networking sites and the next day being 26th Jan, republic day for India, the govt din’t have any options left than to ban the movie for 15 days. My previous blog explains why the ban is justified. Read it here.


With inputs from Intelligence Bureau(IB) of possible terror threats avenging the death of Kasab, every state was put on alert for the Republic day celebrations and the govt could not afford taking a risk in releasing the film that might lead to outbreak of riots which will a niche for terrorists to strike in. Here, I would like to insist that, the govt did not ban the movie away entirely, but just halted the release for 15 days which will cause the tension and heat to subdue. But Kamal, having invested almost his entire life savings, went for an appeal to sanction a stay against the ban. With the single judge granting stay on the ban, the govt went for an appeal. After examining the case, the court held the ban valid and asked for explanations from both side. Meanwhile, Kamal gave an emotional speech to the media which was actually was the beginning of the end to the crisis. He moved not alone his audience but everyone who heard his speech. Fans thronged his office at Eldams road and some Muslim organisations stepped in to make a compromise with Kamal which was followed by the announcement,the next day, from the state’s Chief Minister Ms.J Jayalalitha that, the govt will broker the compromise between Kamal and the protesting organisations. She also promised to lift the ban, if the two sides compromised and the Law and Order of the state will be completely ensured. As promised the issue was resolved with the help of the Chief Secretary and Kamal even thanked both the CM and Chief Secretary  for the help.


Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, some anti govt politicians as well as the media run by them planned to take an advantage of this issue. They sparked off an allegation that Jaya TV, a private owned satellite channel, which failed to get the satellite rights for the movie asked the govt to ban the movie. As expected by them, many people fell prey. They believed this allegation to be true and suddenly the whole story got twisted. Those who protested against the film who faced a strong criticism from the general public, used this allegation as their life boat. Suddenly a non political, religion based, a cine issue was turned political. This issue then further spread like a wild fire with every individual’s own version of story added.  Another big problem with our society. Rumors spreads fast.

Why I ridicule the Jaya Tv conspiracy theory: 

1. It was a common practice during the last regime when there were distributors and film producers related with the then CM, produced/distributed many films. So it was easy for people to believe even the present govt did the same. But the real fact is, even had Jaya TV got the rights, it is only satellite rights and not distribution rights. Which means, after releasing the film in DTH and theaters, the profit which could be made by showing the movie on their channel, will not be as big as the profit got through distribution of the film.

Any govt, will not be ready to oppose a man like Kamalhassan who has quite a big fan following in the state. Politically, a majority of voters who votes for AIADMK are Kamal fans. Which govt will want to loose their vote bank for a small profit of satellite rights. Even a common man with a common intelligence can understand that the bargain is not worth. This being the case how will a politician do this with MP elections barely a year away.

2.  Again going back, during their previous regime, due to internal party conflicts, a new channel was started. Not alone one, but a network of channels were started in a small period of time and from the time when its telecast began, it was able to get rights of big budget films and programs. But Jaya TV which is there for around two decades still is not as famous as the former. If J Jayalalitha supports the channel through her political power and influence, we could guess how big the channel must be now. This rules out the probability of her association with the channel.

3. Its been nearly one and a half year since Ms. JJ assumed power and during this period there were many films released which did not give their rights to the channel either. Not alone that, even there are two big films Kadal and David that are releasing around the same time. Even these films did not seems to face any similar problems. This proves that, there is no political force into buying a movie.

4. When the films that were produced, distributed and acted by the family members of Mr. MK managed to release and run without facing any problems, how will this film alone face such problems from the govt? If the accusation that the govt is using its power to avenge its rivals, then how could this happen? (For people who are not aware of political situations in TN, Mr.MK is a political rival for JJ and the former CM of TN) This too proves that allegations and accusations are not anything more than, engineered, well-planned and conspired thoughts by the anti supporters of the the govt who wanted to make use of this opportunity to tarnish the image of the present govt which is of a strong hold in the state.

Also, there were accusations that Kamal wanted a White Dhoti- ed person to be the next PM because of which he is facing such problems. His casual comment of his desire to see a Tamilian or a south Indian as the next PM, is wrongly conveyed to people as he wants PC as the next PM. A thing to remember here is, even if he or PC himself wishes, Congress has already made clear Rahul will be their next PM candidate.

I hope I have broken down the conspiracy against the govt. My request to all my friends and readers is please don’t fall prey to cheap politics. Our sixth sense is what defines us. Question, reason and then understand anything/everything you listen or see. For more information on the issue check out these two articles.




Kamalhassan thanks the CM for her help to release the movie